Fortunately I am feeling much better. The medications seem to do their work and I am almost healthy again.

The puppies are growing so fast! They are almost twice the size they were at birth a week ago. I think I am making whipped cream of something. After dinne’ the little ones are most content!


Yesterday we had a bath together. I needed to freshen myself and the puppies needed a bath because they rolled in their own poo. And I do not like little poop monsters!

They are wearing their collars now. Slowly they are becoming little dogs. But when you hear them, you wonder if they are real dogs. They miauw like kittens, pur like Gizmo’s (from the Gremlins) and they scream like babies.

Sometimes the puppies are allowed to leave the nursery and cuddle with my owners. They enjoy every minute andĀ immediately fall asleep.

I still need to get used to my puppies, but I am enjoying everything to the max! We make sure my owners keep busy, because I love to take care of my puppies, except when they are pooping.

Well I need to get back to my nursery because I think I hear a little must me dinnertime šŸ˜‰

Here we are again, but now with some really great news!! Thursday the 10th of January I gave birth to 6 little miracles!!

Gos d'Atura CatalĆ” Izara werpkist

Wednesday morning before my owner went to her work, my temperature dropped 1 Ā°C. This normally means that labour will start within 12-24 hours. In the evening when my owner was back from her work, we knew the miracles were coming. I became more and more restless.

At around half past 2 in the morning the contractions started. Luckely my owners stayed with me, because wow it hurts!! And then the miracle happend. On the 10th of January I became a mother of 6 beautiful miracles!

Gos d'Atura CatalĆ” puppies net geboren

My owner doubted if all the puppies were born, because she still felt a hard structure in my belly. So thursday afternoon we went to her clinic to make an x-ray. There was no puppy inside my belly, but my utterus was very large. So I got some injections to make my uterus shrink and to expell any remaining afterbirth.

Now it was time to get used to my little puppies.

But on friday evening I started feeling sick, and I mean really really sick. I couldn’t get up and had a huge fever. My owners got really scared and emediatly we went to the emergency clinic in Utrecht. There they made an ultrasound and found out that there still was a death foetus inside my uterus. The foetus died during the pregnancy and was partly resorbed. The foetus didn’t had any bones inside, and that is the reason why we didn’t see this foetus on the x-ray. Now we had to decided to use medication or surgery. We choose medication because we want to avoid a surgery.

Today it’s saturday and it seems like the medication are doing their work. I’m feeling al little bit better again.

The puppies are doing really great and are growing very fast!!

I am off again to feed some puppies. Beneath you can see some pictures of the puppies. Ooh btw there are 4 females (pink, purple, red, orange) and 2 males (blue and green). Enjoy!!

Here we are again for a little update! Time flies and by the time I post my next message I will be a mother!! I am so excited, can’t wait!!

The holidays are over and I really had a lovely time! Everybody was so sweet and I got spoiled with all sorts of nice things. I filled my belly with delicious dishes and I hope you did too!Ā You can now actually see, that I ate a lot during the holidays! I am afraid to use the scale, and discover that I have the weight of a hippo. Tomorrow my owner wants to know my weight, so I made a deal with her. First my owner weighs herself and then it is my turn. Haha šŸ˜‰

The puppies are also very busy inside my belly. My owners can feel them now and they are so proud when they feel my miracles moving! Today we tried to hear the heartbeats of my little worked!! Their little hearts beat like drums, so nice to hear, don’t you agree? I am enjoying every moment to the max, but it is getting tougher. I am so tired, so I am sleeping the entire day and sometimes the stairs are too much, so we have to take the elevator. Luckily my owners let me sleep in their nice!!

This week my nursery arrived! I have to get used to it…the bed lies a little bit different than my basket. But I will get used to that! I know for sure that my little miracles are going to have a splendid time in it. I only hope everything is puppy-proof, because if they are as busy outside my belly as they are inside my belly, they are really troublemakers!!

Meanwhile we have met some future owners. What a lovely people! I am reallyĀ thrilled with the choices of my owners. Of course I pampered them and showed them what a lovely and sweet dog I really am. We are still looking for future owners, so if you are interested please let us know!

For now I am going to enjoy my last ‘free’ sunday evening. I will speak to you all soon and then share some really nice news!!

Ik in mijn puppykamer..

There we are again! The day of the ultrasound is already two weeks ago and we are enjoying the pregnancy to the max!

Fortunately my hormones have come to an ease and I am almost as good as new. Except for two days ago, pfff I was so nauseous and I got this strange sort of hiccups..I really didn’t know what to do! Luckily my owner was so sweet and she stayed with me for the entire night and comforted me!

Alright let’s talk about that belly of mine! It keeps on growing!! I really hope that for the next 3 weeks my belly isn’t continuing growing this fast, because I will look like a hippo!! This week the scale pointed to 24 kilo! This means that during my pregnancy I have grown 4 kilo! But well there are 7 puppies growing in my belly! Sometimes we are trying to hear the puppies with help of the stethoscoop of my owner, but so far no luck. Of course I feel the little ones in my belly and I think in a few days my owners will feel them moving too!
Now the holidays are coming! I really love this time of a year; all the family together, nice lights everywhere and of course the marvelous food! Mmmh 3 days of pampering ahead!! Love it!!

So a very merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all!!



It has been a while since my last update, so we have got a lot to talk about!!

I have dated my handsome Babbus again. On the 1th of December we had a date on the beach of Vlissingen. What a joy to see my beautiful boy again and to ran and cuddle with eachother! The weather was not that nice, so we donĀ“t have a lot of beautiful be continued!!

At home I started feeling a little strange. I became nauseous and lost my appetite. At first I thought it was a kind of heartache, but after a few days I realised this was the kind of nausea you feel when you are pregnant. So dear Kate Middleton, I exactly know how you feel!! My lovely owners spoil me big time, just to make sure that I eat something. You wonĀ“t hear me complaining!!

Soon it was monday the 10th of December, the day of my ultrasound. First all of the interns needed to examen my belly. Secretly it tickled, but it tickled in a nice way! Then they said they could feel my puppies!! So quickly off to the ultrasound to see my little miracles!!

Mijn baasje doet mijn echo!

My owner was allowed to make the ultrasound and one by one we saw the beauties..7 very beautiful and motile puppies!! All 7 hearts beated and it seemed that all the puppies were complete; 4 paws, 2 ears, a tail and a little nose. Ooh well, I didnĀ“t exactly see that but the vet, which was also in the room, told us that all the puppies were well developed. Suus, Mar and Mammy in Dongen, we have seen BailĆ©n!!

For now we have to wait untill half January and then we can welcome our miracles into this beautiful world!

The vet from the university told us we could come for another ultrasound because she likes me so much and seeing puppies on such a little screen has something magical for everybody. But we have to check how motile I am at that time..

Me and my owners are going to enjoy this very special day! See you all soon!!

My owner is convinced: I am pregnant. After the ultrasound on the 10th of December we will know for sure, but the first signs are already present! I have a huge appetite and according to my owner my mammary glands are growing!! To be honest, I feel kind of strange inside and I prefer to cuddle the entire day with my owners!

The moodboard we made for the nursery!

So now it’s time to think about the nursery!! We (my owner Sandra and me) already made a moodboard so that we can show my other owner (Maurice) what we want for the puppies.

The terrible weather of this weekend and the fact that my owner had surgery on her arm and couldn’t do a lot, made it a beautiful weekend for shopping!! Damn we bought so much!

At the moment my nursery contains:

  • a litterbox
  • a puppy playpen
  • a incredible bench
  • a dogbasket with a pillow for the puppies
  • a heat lamp
  • toys for the puppies
  • food bowls for the puppies
  • blankets and plaids for the litterbox
  • dog collars/ ribbons for the puppies
  • a place for house training the puppies so that they know where they can poop

I think we have almost everything to get the nursery ready. We only need to talk with the boss for some paint!

Next week I have another date with Babbus! I can’t wait to cuddle him and show him my little belly..would Babbus also be proud? I’ll keep you all informed!!

When my heat started, I visited the faculty of veterinary medicine regularly, because then we would know when to visit Babbus again. The vet that examined me recognized my owner from when she was a student there.

On friday we got the call that we needed to see Babbus on saturday. Finally back to my new boyfriend and the start of our litter puppies! I couldn’t wait and wanted to go immediately!!

Saturday 10-11-12 was the day!! What a marvelous date, could it be more perfect?? Me and my owner went to Zeeland where Babbus lives. It was so nice to see him again. At first we started playing and after that the magic happened. Afterwards we went to the beach for a lovely walk.

Now we have to wait untillĀ approximately the 12th of January and then we will be parents for the first time! I’m so curious..

Unfortunately I had to say goodbye again. But all of our owners agreed that we will meet again soon!
Can’t wait till I see my handsome again!!

Getting some fresh air on the beach

It all began on sunday the 4th of November. My blind date with Babbus. Very nice that my owners pick out a boyfriend for me, but hey I want to approve the boy!

The date was on estate Lievensberg in Bergen op Zoom. And there he was.. a boy, that handsome, I have never seen before! My owner was right.. Babbus is perfect!! What a beauty. A real man. A very very beautiful Gos! That’s how we call the Gos d’Atura Catala.

During the walk there was that spark everybody is telling about! Because Babbus is really beautifulĀ and also really sweet. Not like those other boys! The entire time we played and ran with eachother.

And now I’m at home, with butterflies in my stomache, waiting untill I can see my handsome again!!

UsĀ on our first date!